Marrying cousins and genetic diseases

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Marrying cousins and genetic diseases

پست توسط kevinmanuel » چهار شنبه 1 فروردین 1397, 4:59 pm


I've been trying to google for information about this, but can't seem to find anything substantial, or at least anything I can understand. Perhaps someone here can help me out. How much greater are the risk of birth defects and genetic diseases, if the child of two first cousins marries his/her second cousin? 

I'll break it down like this: 
A and B are first cousins, they are married 
Their child C is going to marry D, a second cousin. 
One parent of D is a first cousin to both A and B. 
So out of four parents, three are first cousins. 

How great is the risk of reproductive problems for couple C and D?    

Please help

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